Sonoco Canada Corporation is a $5 billion global provider of consumer packaging, industrial products, protective solutions and display and packaging services.

The Challenge

In order to keep the mill running efficiently, regular shutdowns are needed where all preventative and corrective maintenance tasks are performed.


The Solution

Our teams of millwrights, welders, machinists and project managers work together both on-site and in Kilmarnock Enterprise’s fabrication shop to allow high quality removal, rebuild and reinstall with minimum downtime.

I have been more than satisfied with services provided by Kilmarnock so far. Most employees are easy to interact with and seem knowledgeable in the tasks they are asked to perform.

Supervision has been exemplary in professionalism, customer support and friendly demeanor.

We recently worked with Kilmarnock to rebuild two of our Forming sections during an extended outage in August. Kilmarnock was involved in around 90% of the work undertaken in the Mill on top of the former rebuild. Overall Mill downtime was scheduled for 184 hours “paper to paper” the actual was 187 hours, not perfect but excellent considering the amount of work that was accomplished.

Former work comprised of removing the entire sections from the machine transporting to Kilmarnock’s Trenton workshop, rebuilding, transporting back and reinstalling. The timing was within an hour of what had been forecasted by ourselves in collaboration with Kilmarnock. The work was well performed, quality was exceptional and most importantly no one was hurt.

Paul Mercer, Maintenance/Power Superintendent, Trent Valley Mill, Sonoco Canada Corporation