2017 Thanksgiving Message from Kilmarnock Enterprise

October 6, 2017

We are celebrating a very special holiday this weekend and one of my favorite – THANKSGIVING!

This is a day devoted to gratitude, spent with friends, family and glorious food – a day not focused on gifts, costumes, forced romance or religion.  This is simply a day to be thankful.

There is incredible health, cognitive and emotional benefits in practicing gratitude, like increased happiness, lower stress, better sleep and more.  Yet we often let the busyness of life take priority over sharing our gratitude with others.  Here at Kilmarnock Enterprise, we are very grateful for all the business relationships that we have been able to forge over the last two decades with our valued clients. 

We credit the support and trust of our business partners to our success and growth and for this we are very thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving and may the bounty of this beautiful country be enjoyed in full splendor this special weekend.

Isabelle Graveline 
President & CEO
Kilmarnock Enterprise

2017 Thanksgiving Message from Kilmarnock Enterprise