Hiring and Retaining Employees

May 27, 2016

As a company we put a lot of time, effort and investment in hiring the employees that best fit our needs and our culture.  Once we have hired the best employees possible we focus our attention on retaining them for the long haul.  It is a win-win for both if we are able to do this.

We provide an environment that promotes caring and trust between one another and we live up to our mission statement – “To be the best and most innovative industrial service company by our commitment to employee development in a family atmosphere.”  This statement is reinforced each and every day and revealed in how we interact with not only each other, but also with our clients.

Our strategy of providing a minimum of 25 hours of training for each and every employee serves the company, the employees and our clients well.  People feel valued when the company is willing to invest in them and their future development, the company benefits by having a very well rounded employee base and at the end of the day our clients greatly benefit from the training that is provided.

With our plan of continuous improvement we actively seek recommendations from our employees in ways to improve and act on them.  This allows each and every employee to be a voice for the future development and betterment of our company. 

We have a recognition program that allows for thanking anyone in the company for a variety of reasons – going above and beyond, customer service, safety, cost savings, innovation, personal achievement or any other reason that feels warranted.  This program lets us tell each other that we appreciate the efforts put forward and recognize the value of thanking someone.

I believe that all of these things combined, along with our core values of trust, respect, integrity and professionalism make us a company that anyone would be proud to work for.

Hiring and Retaining Employees