How 3D Scanning Services can Help

October 1, 2018

  • Are you experiencing issues with installation or modification projects because your plant layout is inaccurate/obsolete/missing information?
  • Do you wish you had a plant layout in 3D to plan around complex areas, such as piping or large machinery?
  • Would you like to verify the quality of a new construction or installation? (location VS plan, flatness, straightness…)
  • Do you have something difficult to measure and need drawings?
  • Do you need to verify if a structure is moving or being deformed over time?

3D Scanning Services can Help!

Kilmarnock’s Engineering department can measure your site in very little time ranging from an hour to a few days to measure a full plant.

Kilmarnock will create a point map of your installation. This map will be accurate from +/-1mm to +/-3mm depending on your needs.

From this Kilmarnock Designers can reproduce CAD drawings or reports to suit your needs. Example:

  • Reverse engineered equipment drawings even for objects normally difficult to measure.
  • Utilities Layout (compressed air, electrical…) either in 2D or 3D depending on your needs.
  • Accurate Site Dimensioning layouts with exact location of any obstruction, or existing structure.
  • Verification and Correction of your equipment layout.
  • Dimensional Report & Heat Map Style Reports for quality verification.
  • Regular monitoring and Reporting on deformation of an object or structure.
How 3D Scanning Services can Help