National Skilled Trades and Technology Week November 5 – 11, 2017

November 7, 2017

Kilmarnock Enterprise has been proudly sponsoring apprenticeships since it began its operations over 20 years ago.  This has been a strategic decision on our part to encourage as many young people to join our organization to experience first-hand the dynamic, rewarding, and often challenging trade careers available to them.

There has been an inordinate amount of stigma thrown at the trades in the last two decades by our educational system.  This has influenced the way parents think about the trades and what we have seen as a progressive decline of students interested in the trades careers because they are seen as “blue collar”, often perceived as unsafe and not really good enough to make a decent living.

When we consider that manufacturing employs over 1.7 million people and contributes over $475 billion to the economy, it becomes very clear that manufacturing is a key contributor to wealth creation in this country.   Unlike the traditional viewpoints that considers manufacturing a dirty, dangerous and mundane sector to work in, we clearly see that the majority of manufacturing environments in which our tradespeople work are far safer, cleaner, innovative and technologically advanced than ever before.

At Kilmarnock Enterprise, our tradespeople help manufacturers remain productive and competitive.  Our people are smart and creative and can build, repair, design, and machine everything from staircases to complex reversed engineered parts.   From large hydro turbines to robots and processing lines, there is very little that stumps our ability to imagine, design, engineer, repair, innovate and create.

So getting back to apprenticeships and how important it is for us as a service provider to manufacturers, this is our track record for 2017:

  • Eight (8) in the millwright apprenticeship (signed up and either attending or ready to attend school).
  • Five (5) that are not currently signed up, but wish to challenge their millwright exam.
  • One (1) signed up for the metal fabricator (no local schooling available)
  • One (1) in tool and die that just needs to challenge the exam
  • Five (5) that are not currently signed up, but wish to challenge their welder exam

We are an inclusive employer who is currently looking for both women and men to join as tradespeople.  Please have a look at our employee video.  We hope you will feel inspired by our culture and learning and development philosophy.

We love the trades and appreciate the tremendous value our tradespeople bring to our manufacturing clients, our country and our economy.

National Skilled Trades and Technology Week November 5 – 11, 2017