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Please reach out to us if you require medical safety devices and equipment.  We have the people, the facility and the ability to quickly manufacture to your specific needs.

New Simple Ventilator Could Save COVID-19 Patients

In just under ONE month, our team of designers, engineers, controls specialists and programmers have co-created a simple ventilator invention together with local physician, Dr. Alain Gauthier who also happens to have his Ph.D. in respiratory physiology/mechanics. 

Working almost around the clock, this new ventilator has 20-30 active parts as opposed to over 1000 currently found in full feature ventilators.  It is the size of a small lunch box, is inexpensive, has components that can be easily found in any hospital setting around the world, and is easy to manufacture and deploy. 

After several iterations, the model can be seen in the following video.

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Over the past three decades Kilmarnock Enterprise has become one of the most diversified end-to-end industry solution providers. Drawing on our diverse experience working across all major industries we’ve built our reputation for quality and reliability. We go the extra mile and always ensure that we deliver on budget, on scope and on time. Whether you have a major infrastructure project, a custom equipment build, needing to implement or improve automation and controls, looking to introduce robots to your process, or commercializing your innovation you can turn to Kilmarnock to be your solution provider. There is no job we cannot tackle and no challenge too difficult to overcome.

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At Kilmarnock we are dedicated to helping our manufacturers and industry thrive and stay competitive across Canada and around the world. Every year we grow, expand, add expertise, continually train and invest so that we can deliver the solutions our customers need. We are a proud to partner with ABB Robotics as a Value Provider and will help our customers find the right robotic solution.


Our Engineering department and expanded Design department have been very busy these past few years and continue to grow to provide our customers with the end-to-end solutions they need. Our engineering team create pragmatic, practical and cost-saving recommendations and designs with a focus on safety, reliability and quality.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 technologies are here now and we are committed to providing the support you need to adopt them into your operations painlessly with a practical implementation plan – which we can create for you. This process does not need to be overwhelming or feel chaotic, it can be affordable, effective and phased in over time so your workplace and culture are not sacrificed.

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Our team will deliver exceptional service to your team and earn your valued trust and respect.
Our work will exceed your expectations and make your projects painless in their execution.
Our knowledge will complement your team’s knowledge and together we will achieve success for your company.
Our future relies on embracing new technologies and ongoing training, and we will be your trusted Industry 4.0 implementation experts.

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End-to-End Industry Solution Provider Solving Complex Problems


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