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Industry 4.0

Robotics, Automation & Industry 4.0

Today’s marketplace increasingly demands higher flexibility, increased productivity while maintaining or enhancing quality of products produced. To meet those demands, industry is seeking to incorporate new technologies, automation and controls, robots and cobots, and specialized software. It can be overwhelming, but our team can ….


Custom Equipment Building

We have the professional staff and experience in equipment engineering and contract equipment manufacturing to deliver your solution. We can create custom designed and engineered equipment, fabricate, install and commission to enable you to meet the ever changing demands of your industry. Use our full suite of services to add automation and…


Innovation, Engineering & Development

Whether you are bringing a winning concept to life and making it viable for production, needing to figure out how to scale-up and ramp-up production capacity, or finding solutions to some emerging design flaws (or minor adjustments) our team has the expertise and cross-industry knowledge to provide you with the solutions you need…

Related Solutions that we offer


Infrastructure and Capital Projects

Kilmarnock has developed expertise in bridge building, waste water and water treatment infrastructure projects, monorails and many other diverse infrastructure and capital projects where we often work alongside general contractors. Our diverse and highly skilled tradesmen are sought after and our commitment to get the job done right.

Contingent Skilled Trades Workforce


Contingent Skilled Trades Workforce

Over 30 years ago we started out by supplying a few men from time to time when one of our clients were caught short staffed. Since then our expertise has grown steadily and today we supply teams (from 2 to 20+) of trained, skilled tradesmen for plant shutdowns, removal / installation of production lines, major maintenance/refurbishment projects.


Manufacturing Process Improvements

Drawing on over 30 years of experience working in every industrial sector, we bring our cross-industry knowledge to help create solutions for your manufacturing facility. We understand the need to improve productivity, reliability, efficiency, throughputs and outputs and we can help you achieve those goals and stay competitive.