Innovation, Engineering & Product Development

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Innovation, Engineering & Product Development

Innovation, Engineering & Product Development

Do you have an idea but need engineering help scaling up and taking it to market?

Do you have sales now, but need to be able to increase your output to meet demand?

Our Engineering department and Design department are ready to help you take your idea to market and ensure that your young company is able to meet the demands of new customers. Existing companies that suddenly have to ramp up production and increase throughputs and output: we are ready to ensure you meet the needs of your customers. We combine our expertise and experience to bring you end-to-end solutions. Whatever your challenge is, whatever stage your business is at, contact one of our experts today and get the Kilmarnock advantage working for you!.

Engineering Machine Design expert services

Our team can manufacture custom equipment to your specifications and drawings, or you can have our Machine Design experts develop a custom solution for you.

Engineering Safety & Guarding

Our team of experts can assess your current equipment installations and workspace to ensure that your equipment and operations are properly guarded and in compliance with safety regulations! Our number one commitment to our staff and yours is safety. Look no further for PSHSR & Machine Safety & Guarding!

Process Piping System Engineering solution services

We have the experience, the experts and the certification to design, fabricate and install any Process Piping System. When you need it done right, turn to Kilmarnock to ensure that your process piping system is engineered and fabricated to the highest standard.

Engineering & 3D Scanning services

Ask our team to provide you with Building 3D Scanning Services and ensure that your innovation or upgrade project executes flawlessly. Save time and money by integrating our 3D scanning services into your next installation, renovation or upgrade. Or, better yet, have Kilmarnock undertake the full scope of your project and be sure to include 3D Scanning services within the scope of work.. 

Our engineering experts will ensure that you are able to bring your product to market, meet market demands and growth needs

Put our expertise to work: draw on our engineering, design, fabrication and commissioning expertise the bring your product to market, adapt your production lines to improve throughput and output, productivity and efficiency, and get the job done right. No need to shop around and parcel out different aspects of your project, Kilmarnock has the expertise, equipment and experienced professional staff to deliver an end-to-end solution.


Our expertise in engineering includes:

Machine Design

Building 3D Scanning Services

PSHSR & Machine Safety / Guarding Designs

Process Piping Systems

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Design

Process Engineering Support

Structural Engineering

Tooling & Fixturing Design

Innovation, Engineering & Product Development Solutions in the spotlight

Machine Design engineering expertise

Engineering & Machine Design

When you need to replace older machinery, or create a custom piece, our Machine Design expertise will ensure that your new equipment is built with precision and quality. Whether food-grade, pharmaceutical-grade or tailored to your specific needs, Kilmarnock has the skilled trades craftsmen, equipment and know-how to build equipment that will meet your needs. If you need us to engineer and design it for you, and integrate it into your operations once fabricated, you’ve come to the right place.

Machine guarding system Engineering

Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews

We specialize in Guarding and Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSHSR) to ensure that all machinery and equipment being used are properly guarded and a safe work environment achieved. Whether you are integrating new equipment or redesigning or reconfiguring your existing equipment and machinery, we can ensure you achieve your workflow and safety goals. Like you, safety is our number one priority.

Process Piping System Engineering

Process Piping Systems

Kilmarnock has been working with engineering  Process Piping Systems for over 30 years in a wide array of sectors. We are authorized by TSSA per Boiler Standard CSA B51 & Pressure Piping ASME B31.1, B31.3 and have a qualified TSSA quality manager and CSA Level 2 inspector. In addition to our fabrication expertise we can make repairs and alterations to boilers and pressure vessels, atmospheric vessels and piping skids.

Additional Custom Solutions we offer


Infrastructure and Capital Projects


Kilmarnock has developed expertise in bridge building, waste water and water treatment infrastructure projects, monorails and many other diverse infrastructure and capital projects where we often work alongside general contractors. Our diverse and highly skilled tradesmen are sought after and our commitment to get the job done right.


A Kilmarnock Welder with Pipe fitting experience


Contingent Skilled Trades Workforce


Over 30 years ago we started out by supplying a few men from time to time when one of our clients were caught short staffed. Since then our expertise has grown steadily and today we supply teams (from 2 to 20+) of trained, skilled tradesmen for plant shutdowns, removal / installation of production lines, major maintenance/refurbishment projects.



Manufacturing Process Improvements


Drawing on over 30 years of experience working in every industrial sector, we bring our cross-industry knowledge to help create solutions for your manufacturing facility. We understand the need to improve productivity, reliability, efficiency, throughputs and outputs and we can help you achieve those goals and stay competitive. 



Industries our machine shop serves


Industries we Serve

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