Machine Shop Capabilities

Machine Shop Capabilities

Machine shop manufacturing process

If you need a reliable and reputable machine shop to produce your parts to specification, look no further than Kilmarnock Enterprise in Smiths Falls, Ontario. 

Do you have an immediate need for a custom prototype or repair parts?

Looking for a local machine shop for low, medium, or large volume production?

Do you need parts optimized or struggle to source at the quality level you need?

Perhaps you have a part you need but have no drawing?

We offer a wide range of capabilities including conventional machining, precision 4 axis machining, prototyping, refurbishing, and emergency repairs. Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure your custom manufactured parts are delivered to your exact expectations. We specialize in custom prototypes, repair parts, low, medium, and large volume production, and optimizing hard-to-source parts. Even if you don’t have a drawing for the part you need, we can assist you. Trust Kilmarnock Enterprise for all your machining needs.

Custom products produced by Kilmarnock Enterprise machine shop

You can trust in Kilmarnock Enterprise to meet your custom part requirements precisely to your specifications.

machine shop product created by Kilmarnock Enterprise through reverse engineering

If a part becomes obsolete and finding a replacement or spare parts becomes impossible, Kilmarnock Enterprise machine shop can assist you with our Reverse Engineering services.

Custom equipment produced at Kilmarnock Enterprise machine shop

No matter how large or small the project is Kilmarnock Enterprise will  handle every step of the process with expertise and precision.

We can produce accurate drawings tailored to your custom project needs

No part drawings? No problem! Kilmarnock Enterprise machine shop specializes in developing accurate drawings and manufacturing parts tailored to your specific requirements.

Kilmarnock Enterprise machine shop experts are dedicated to producing parts that not only meet but exceed your expectations. 

In today’s highly competitive world your plant has to be up and running at full capacity. We understand this and have the expertise and specialized skills to ensure that parts we provide will assist in achieving your goals. From consulting services, original drawings, fabrication and  24/7 support including both refurbishment & emergency Repairs you can count on Kilmarnock Enterprise.


Machine Shop expertise includes:

3,4 Axis Machining

CNC Turning

Water Jetting

Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel

Specialty allows (Titanium, Nickel), Plastics

Welding Capabilities

Large Boring Mill Capabilities

Refurbishment & Emergency Repairs

Additional Solutions we offer

Industry 4.0

Robotics, Automation & Industry 4.0


Today's marketplace increasingly demands higher flexibility, increased productivity while maintaining or enhancing quality of manufactured/fabricated products. To meet those demands, industry is seeking to incorporate new technologies, automation and controls, robots and cobots, and specialized software. It can be overwhelming, but our team can ....



Custom Equipment Building


We have the professional staff and experience in equipment engineering and contract equipment manufacturing to deliver your solution. We can create custom designed and engineered equipment, fabricate, install and commission to enable you to meet the ever changing demands of your industry. Use our full suite of services to add automation and...



Innovation, Engineering & Development


Whether you are bringing a winning concept to life and making it viable for production, needing to figure out how to scale-up and ramp-up production capacity, or finding solutions to some emerging design flaws (or minor adjustments) our team has the expertise and cross-industry knowledge to provide you with the solutions you need...



Industries our machine shop serves


Industries we Serve

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