Our People, Values and Culture

Our People make all the Difference

“Through our commitment to Kilmarnock’s core values, we provide innovative products, services and solutions to complex problems.”

Kilmarnock Enterprise

Kilmarnock Enterprise services a wide array of industrial and manufacturing clients in Canada, the US, and Sweden. Approximately 85 people work at Kilmarnock in two locations – Smiths Falls, Ontario and Trenton, Ontario.

Founded in 1981, the company started out as a small boutique style design firm.  Over the years there have been changes in ownership and Kilmarnock Enterprise is currently under the directorship of Neal Lackey and Jeff Brydges.

At Kilmarnock Enterprise, our mission statement has recently been updated to enhance the driving force behind our culture.

Kilmarnock Enterprise has grown over 1500% since it incorporated in 1996. Between the years 2009 – 2014, the company grew 83%, enough to rank on the PROFIT500 Listing of Canada’s Fastest Growing companies.

We believe that Kilmarnock’s growth is a product of its unique culture. First and foremost, we value our people. We believe that it is our people who have been the drivers of our success. We believe that if our employees are valued and cared for, they will value and care for their colleagues, customers, and teammates. Just as stress promotes stress, so too does caring promote caring.

A Level Performers

We also believe that when we have A-level performers, they deliver a 100% advantage over average performers in productivity, quality and revenue. This one single point, above all else, is what has defined our company to date and what will continue to define us in our quest to be the best industrial service provider.

Our values – TRUST, RESPECT, INTEGRITY, and PROFESSIONALISM –  guide all our interactions and conversations. It is through these values that we strive to continually learn and grow as individuals.

We believe in having the same relationships with our clients as we have with each other so that we can work in an environment of trust, transparency, collaboration, and successful project outcomes.

We value teamwork and interdependence, where “we” is the guiding behaviour. We believe that by combining our abilities and talents, we can create something greater together.

Finally, we believe that a “company without a compelling culture is like a person without a personality – flesh and bones but no life force, no soul.”  Henry Mintzberg

End-to-End Industry Solution Provider Solving Complex Problems


15 Hershey Drive
Smiths Falls, ON K7A 4T1
Phone: 613-283-4422
Fax: 613-283-8649

166 North Murray Street
Trenton, ON K8V 6R8
Phone: 613-394-4422
Fax: 613-394-4411

E: salesandsupport@kilmarnock.ca

E: hr@kilmarnock.ca



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